History Updated 2012
A lot has happened at Prairie Hill since 1989 when Iona Pollock updated the
history.  Iona was a special lady,who had a good memory and kept good
records.  Unfortunately we have not had anyone who has kept a written record
since then.  We will work on this and hope to have a better written history soon.

The old oak tree written about in early history is no long there.  Marilyn and
Mario Pineda are serving our congregation.  This past June, Mario completed
his 34rd year as the minister at Prairie Hill.
Even more of our young people are serving the Lord.  Larry Jackson is now
preaching in Texas.  Barry Haynes is the minister at Hope Church of Christ in
Hope Arkansas (
Hope Church of Christ ) and Josh Reed ( Cherokee Hills
Church of Christ ) is a youth minister in Oklahoma

More will be added to this soon.  Let us know if you have a memory you would
like to have added.